Chrome Electroplating Chemicals

Chrome Electroplating Chemicals on metals help prevent corrosion and makes the cleaning process easier. Our company is counted among the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Chrome Electroplating Chemicals from Maharashtra. The offered Chrome Electroplating Chemicals provide process control and higher efficiency. Our Chrome Electroplating Chemicals enhance the coating properties and optimal efficiency of the plating. 


Chrome Process

Chrobrite Bright Chrome Process
Chrobrite Bright Chrome plating system is used for achieving extraordinary bluish, bright and highly leveled deposits of chromium on bright nickel plating. It operates effectively over a wide temperature and current densities.

  • Chrobrite Bright Chrome Salt No.1 / 2
  • Chrobrite Brightner
  • Chrobrite Conducting Salt
  • Chrobrite Mist Free
  • Chrobrite SRHS Chrome Salt

Chrohard Hard Chrome Process
Chrohard Hard Chrome Plating system is a high-speed bath which employs a special mixed soluble catalyst and has been developed to meet the modern hard chrome plating requirements. Its outstanding features are, high rate of deposition & hardness of the deposited chrome layer.

  • Chrohard Hard Chrome Salt
  • Chrohard Additive No. 101 / 102


Chroblak Black Chrome Process

Chroblack Plating system is used for achieving black finish for decorative purposes.

  • Chroblak Black Chrome Salt