Copper Electroplating Chemicals

We are one of the pioneering Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Copper Electroplating Chemicals from Maharashtra (India).


Copbrite Bright Copper Process :

Copbrite is an alkaline cyanide process developed to give smooth, bright and ductile deposit. It can be operated over a wide current density range and can be used for both vat and barrel.

  • Copbrite Copper Salt No.1 / 2
  • Copbrite Brightnere No.194

Copcid Acid Copper Process :

Copcid  is Acid Copper Plating system developed to get leveled, ductile and bright copper plating.

  • Copcid Acid Copper Salt No.1 / 2 / 3
  • Copcid Brightner No.AC 2 / AC 3 / AC 4 / AC 782 / AC 783 / AC 784

Other Copper Process :

Copoxi is a Oxidizing Salt used to achieve antique like finish on copper or copper plated articles. Copbra Anti Tarnish solution is used to get rid of tarnishing that takes place on copper or copper plated articles.

  • Copoxi Oxidizing Salt
  • Copbra Anti Tarnish Solution
  • Copsem Semi Bright Copper Salt