Nickel Electroplating Chemicals

Nickel Electroplating Chemicals include bright nickel salt, nickel brightener, dull nickel salt dull nickel salt, black nickel salt, antique black nickel salt, nickel purifier, nickel stripper and many more. The name of our company surfaces prominently among the trusted Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Nickel Electroplating Chemicals from Maharashtra, India. The Nickel Electroplating Chemicals that we offer are known for their accurate composition, purity and longer shelf life.


Nickel Process

Nicbrite Bright Nickel Process
Nicbrite is a bright Nickel plating system developed to produce extra ordinary brilliant, mirror bright, ductile and highly leveled nickel deposits.

  • Nicbrite Bright Nickel Salt No.1 /2 /3.
  • Nicbrite Additive  No-122 / 122 C / 142 / 152 / 222 / 242
  • Nicbrite Brightner  No.133 / 177 / 233 T / 233 B / 777 / 1079 / 1079 M
  • Nicbrite Leveller  No.144 / 244 / 344
  • Nicbrite Antipitting  No.101 / 102
  • Nicbrite Sequestrant
  • Nicbrite Purifier
  • Nicbrite Neutralizer PB / PR

Nicsem Semi Bright Nickel Process
Nicsem is a semi bright (dull) Nickel plating system specially developed to produce smooth, uniform and ductile nickel deposit which can be easily polished.

  • Nicsem Semi Bright Nickel Salt No.1 / 2 / 3
  • Nicsem Additive No.101
  • Nicsem Brightner No.102 / 103

Nicblak Black Nickel Process
Nicblak is used for achieving black finish for decorative purposes only. It has little corrosion resistance properties. Color obtained may vary from good black to a light grey.

  • Nicblak Black Nickel Salt
  • Nicblak Brightner

Nicpearl Pearl Nickel / Nicstrik Strike Nickel Process
Nicpearl is used for achieving pearl finish for decorative purpose.
Nicstrik is a strike nickel plating system developed to produce bright, uniform and ductile deposits.

  • Nicpearl Pearl Nickel Salt
  • Nicpearl Brightner No.145
  • Nicstrik Strike Nickel Solution